AOL Problem

Hey guys
My mum was at my cousins house earlier with her laptop trying to access the internet. My cousin is on AOL broadband. I told her to connect to my cousins router by using the built in windows vista "Connect to a network"
no luck password wise
10 minutes after trying many passwords AOL phoned. Is this a coincidence or can ISPs see people trying to connect to your router using the "connect to a network" thing? :confused:


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It wouldn't surprise me if AOL could. They like to be in control. Every single time I ever tried to deal with AOL I ended up mad at them. And that's no exaggeration. Every single time. Never again.

That sounds really weird. I'd think AOL is your AOL problem. Perhaps they have some strict fine print that not only they only provide you one ip address but they also limit you to 1 PC unless you pay extra.

They can definitely see what goes on with the broadband modem and can see devices trying to connect to it - there may be a way (mac addresses) to differentiate two devices and identify them as separate computers if they wish.

Even worse if the router is from AOL they may have big brother installed on it if you know what I mean.

I've used AOL before and can't understand why anyone uses them. Poor service, poor browser, poor customer service, insane billing department that will keep billing you 6 months after you quit and after every time you wait on hold for 1-2 hours to remind them you've canceled. Yet people keep on using them.

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