Apache HTTP Server on Windows 7 Beta


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I am new to Apache HTTP servers, but I set one up on Windows Vista and it worked fine. However, I then installed it running a copy of Windows 7 Beta 1. The server would start, and I can access the website only on that computer - other computers on the network were unable to see the website when I typed in the local IP address of the server ( I have correctly forwarded the ports on my router, but this doesn't appear to be a problem regarding the router firewall because I am trying to access the website internally.

Is there some kind of security addition in Windows 7 that may be blocking Apache? Can't find anything on Google about it because Windows 7 Beta is only recent.



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I think in 7 are different levels in the firewall. You can enable/set/disable the firewall for lan or/and wan.
maybe that's the problem!
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