Apache services stop on Vista

Ok, I've Googled this quite a bit to no end.

I purchased two Dell machines over the past year - one was a laptop, another was a new XPS desktop. Both came with Vista installed.

Before, with my machines that were running XP, I was running WAMP just fine.

On Vista, Apache stops working intermittently. The error message "The Apache Service Has Stopped Working. Windows is Checking For a Solution"

It often will happen just when I go to the main localhost page from the WAMP task-tray icon. The page will come up, but then Apache shuts down as a result.

Then sometimes Apache will go for quite a while without any problems (i.e. a few hours).

I read on one forum where someone asked if localhost could be pinged when the error about the Apache Service stopping to work. So I tried this, and localhost still pings just fine.

I have Norton Internet Security on one machine. and Trend Micro on the laptop.

WAMP has this problems on both machines that are running Vista. Again - on XP, I never had this issue.

I had no problem installing WAMP on my Vista machines, and the localhost page always comes up - but there seems to be about a 40% chance that when it does come up, it will then cause the Apache Service to stop working.

PhPAdmin can cause it to happen as well as my own php code I am writing.

Is anyone else having this problem with Vista?

Any help solving this would be greatly appreciated!

P.S. I apologize if this is a duplicate post. I've searched this forum and could not find anyone who had this exact issue.

Someone finally pointed me in the right direction.

The culprit is Xdebug. If you have Xdebug installed as a PHP extension on Vista, it will intermittently crash Apache. It's a known issue, but has yet to be corrected. :frown:


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This is good to know. Thanks for writing back with the answer!!!!!


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English please......:)

Update - Xdebug released a new version - 2.0.4 - unfortunately this newer version still does not address the issue of Xdebug causing the apache service to intermittently stop working. :mad:

Hopefully it will get addressed soon.

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