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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help and Support' started by bassfisher6522, Aug 13, 2009.

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    I bought this about a year ago, an APC battery backup surge protection, 350 es. Now I'm having problems with it. I get frequent power surges that when it does happen I can here a click in the battery backup. This happens when the PC is on or off. When PC is off and this happens and I turn my PC on I lose my internet connection but retain my local network connection. Yet with my second router in place, a wireless, the other desktops that are wired have internet connection as well as any laptops I have. Just my main PC with the wired router connected to it, loses internet connection. The only way I found to resolve this problem is to turn power off on battery back up and turn it back on after a 30 second count and that restores connection. I could get know help from APC because they don't make it any more and the warranty has expired and if I want them to look at it I have to ship it to them. I have also reconfigured my router and that seemed to help for awhile and then a month later it went back to the same thing. Surge, click and loose connection. Any body have any idea what the problem is. In the mean time I have swapped out my battery backup with a straight up surge protection device from my local walmart at $44, the best one they had and it was cheaper than best buy. Since the switch I have yet to incur said problem. I'm just wondering if the battery backup is bad/faulty.
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    This is odd. Are you sure the APC is malfunctioning or are you really having power surges? Have you considered buying a real UPS? (Not just a small time battery backup). It is a large device, but you can buy one from Opti-UPS relatively cheap. There is not much need for management software, but with a serial cable you can usually see how much load you are putting on it and see what happens when you test the backup (cut primary power).

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