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In Edge Show episode 135, interview on Microsoft's new updates to Application Insights including app performance monitoring and other telemetry with Rahul Bagaria, Program Manager at Microsoft.

More specifically at [00:40], we cover:

  • What are the big changes which have recently happened with Application Insights?
  • [02:20] How is application performance monitoring different now than utilizing the existing microsoft monitoring agent?
  • [03:36] What is all of the telemetry you get if you use only the status monitor agent?
  • [04:33] Demo: Installing and configuring the status monitor agent on an Azure VM
  • [07:31] Demo: How you might be able to automate the agent installation to multiple nodes utilizing the vm extension and implications using this option versus the manual install
  • [09:30] What telemetry do get if you utilize only the code addition?
  • [10:25] Demo: Adding the App Insights code to the app in Visual Studio IDE
  • [12:15] Demo: What data / telemetry do you get back inside the Azure portal?
  • [13:57] Demo: Solving a failed request problem with a SQL database call
  • [17:34] Demo: Solving a performance problem with website .Net code
  • [18:38] Demo: How might I setup automated alerts and file these issues / bugs into the developer backlog?


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