Apple wired keyboard with USB Hub on Windows 7 issue.

[SOLVED] Apple wired keyboard with USB Hub on Windows 7 issue.

1st- the Apple keyboard (model # MB110LL/A) isn't listed as compatible with Windows 7. But I like it very much & had an extra one & decided to make use if it on my Windows 7 PC. The only issue I have using it on my PC is that the powered USB hub on the keyboard only works with the mouse. If I plug in a flash card I get a Power has been exceeded error.

I have plenty of other hubs to use but I'm just curious why this hub works perfect on my iMac but not on Windows 7 (64-bit). I've installed all Bootcamp drivers but it still errors. So, here's how Apple's version of Device Manager looks; refer to as Keyboard Hub.

Mac USB Info.jpg

My guess is somehow Apple allocates additional power when needed to it's USB hubs whereas Windows does not (Windows has a max of 500mA). There are several references to Extra Operating Current (see photo) to perhaps support that.

Anyways, the only question I have is there a way to fix this? Perhaps a motherboard setting (Gigabyte) or a different driver.

I appreciate all suggestions.

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I ran across a fix for this issue & post a link below. The author, who goes by MSC, explains that Mac OS X recognizes this keyboard for what it is; a powered USB hub, whereas, Windows sees it as a non powered or at least a limited powered hub of 100mA instead of 500mA. In order for Windows to treat it as a powered USB hub changes in the registry need to be made. I followed MCS' s instructions & Device Manager now reads 500mA per hub.

YouTube - ‪Apple Keyboard Hack - Fully-powered USB ports on a PC!‬‏

Device Mgr.JPG

Works great. :razz:

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