Application access

i M myself ADMIN in WINDOWS 7.
i DONT HAVE any account other then only this 1 {& pls. dont tell me to make another acc. 'coz i dont like it.}

So that without entering password they cant access that drive or that application.
For eg : There is a software for BLUETOOTH in WINDOWS 7, i want to password protect it so that without my permission nobody can-not access APPS or DRIVES.

i Know that this cannot be done in WINDOWS by itself, so is there any software for it ?


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I believe (although I never used it) that bitlocker drive encryption (built into Windows 7 will do the job.

There are plenty of encryption programs out there including PGP,(Pretty Good Privacy), the most well known.

Just Google file encryption applications and you'll get hundreds of hits.

Some might say this is a file password program, but encryption you have to have a password to open a file and/or folder

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