Application Installation Error

During an installation update, I get the error message Access not allowed: Try correcting Attributes. Any Ideas?

What did you try to update ? from where ? What config ? I did get already someerror messages, but solved on redownload...

App Update Failure

The app finished the install ok but once this is finished you have to copy a screens folder to the app installed folder under Program Files. At this point the program runs a update to show the new screens. The problem seems to be that Windows 7 will not let the program update the .ini file in Program Files. It looks like maybe a permissions type problem or Windows 7 is keeping this file locked and will not let the program update the file. I have looked at the permissions side of this and I don't think that is the problem. It gives you an error message like it wants you to change attributes on the file for some reason.(Which I have checked) This was not a problem in XP and I have not tried it in Vista.


I'm still confused, WHAT did you downloaded ? What is the update name ? Your Windows copy is official RC or some "ameliored" version ? What is the update extension ? In order to give you some help I shall know where to look ?

Application Error

Sorry, this app is a special app to access an ERP system. Designed by the ERP Software Company. THe app will run and I can communicate with the server but Windows 7 will not let the autoupdate update the screen changes. This is located in a .ini file in the Program Files Directory. It appears that Windows 7 will not let the update utility have access to write to the .ini file. These are just screen mods that you have to update related to the Company Site.

I am running the latest RTC download of Windows 7

Enterprise Ressource Planning, I'm affraid it's to complicated for me..... this one is special progware, you shall ask people from the software devlp, if they do something in vue of Windows 7.... I'm sorry

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