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When I try to play a game in windowed mode, I always get the same problem. Basically, the bottom of the game is being hidden by the taskbar. It does not fit well on the screen. There are no buttons 'maximize' on top-right of the window, just a minimize and exit.
I want the bottom of the game to be on the upper side of the task bar. How to do that ?


Edit: forgot to post the screenshots. Here it is: ImageShack -


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I would have to say it's because you've resized your taskbar.
Does your game have an "always on top" settings anywhere?

I've also tried with the normal size of the taskbar. Still the same problem.


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Hmm.. this is strange. Can you test the game on another computer with a higher resolution or hook up your computer to another monitor?


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Hello pHeoz

Could you please fill in your computer specs in the UserCP link at the top left hand side of the page.

Then click Edit Your Details.

This freeware program will give you all the information you will need:

EVEREST Ultimate Edition v5.30


SIV (System Information Viewer) 4.04

You exact make and model of you video card would be of great help

I didn't find the page you asked me to fill, but here are my computer's specifications:
Computer specifications

I don't think this will help. It's probably a problem in some settings.

Note that I didn't have this problem on my previous version of windows (Windows XP).
The issue does not come from the game I showed on the first screenshot, since I have the same thing happening with every game.


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I don't see any computer specifications


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His link "computer specifications" is an everest screenshot. check again.

As Mitchell_A said, you have to click on "Computer specifications".


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Who are you referring to?

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