Applications Randomly Minimizing???

If I start up any application that i have to type in, every minute or so it is like the mouse clicks off the window and I cant type until I click on the application again.

Same thing with any Full Screen application, (game, video, ETC.). While an application is running full screen, every minute or so the application minimizes and I have to restore it. If its a video, it will take it out of full screen but it keeps playing.

Can anyone tell me if there is a fix for this?

I am using an Acer Aspire with 4GB RAM and dual-core 2.13, with Windows 7



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There is something stealing the focus of the programs. Most likely it's something that you installed recently.
To figure out what, use this procedure:
How to perform a clean boot to troubleshoot a problem in Windows Vista or Windows 7
Perform a clean startup to determine whether background programs are interfering with your game or program

This should stop the problem.
If it does, then re-enable ½ of the items and see if it causes the problem again.
Then do another ½ of the items, etc, etc - until you've figured out which one it is.

Good luck!

You can also try leaving Task Manager...Processes tab (Show processes for all users) open on the desktop - and see what item jumps up in the CPU column when the screens minimize. Then research the image name to find out what program it belongs to.

Thanks for the advice, but i already changed the boot up of the laptop to start without any programs but the system items.
and the task manager idea, i just spent like 2 - 3 hours trying to locate which process is causing this, but there is a couple processes that stop and appear when my windows lose focus.

I ran Malwarebytes and found 12 trojans ,(mainly keygens). but i deleted all trojans, and the computer is only running processes from Microsoft or the system32 folder.

Do you think it could be the laptop battery losing its life?
the laptop is only a year old.


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I'd think that it was the trojans doing it. Even if all the actual infections are gone, the damage that they've caused could be doing it.

A dying battery wouldn't cause things to lose focus. That's most often a misbehaving application - such as a virus.

Please post the info asked in this post (even though you're not reporting BSOD's) - the reports will give us some info:

Also, please download this free program from Microsoft (Autoruns): Autoruns for Windows
Save the output as an .arn file - and include it in your upload of files (this is most likely where we'll find the culprit - but it's a huge PITA to sift through).

I have found the .exe cause applications to lose focus.
It's "conhost.exe", ive looked it up and most people are saying that is a safe .exe only if it is running is the system32 folder.
a couple of people say to get rid of it to fix the random losing of window focus.

When my windows lose focus, that .exe drops off and a second after the .exe comes back on itself, the window comes back to focus.


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conhost.exe is the host for the CMD window and is a legitmate Windows program. It's something that's calling that (a console/CMD program) that's causing the problem - and the reports that I asked you for will help us to find what it is.

Ok, i submitting a thread with the .arn file, but i couldnt upload it to this site, i had to give a mediafire link.


everytime a window loses focus, the "conhost.exe" closes and then it opens back up a second later.
I thinking I just need a way to keep the .exe open without it crashing, iv uninstalled the latest programs going back a month, and still nothing... this glitch is ridiculous!

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EDIT: I have looked over the ARN file and there's no obvious program calling conhost.exe
The possibilities exist that this is either:
- an infection of the conhost.exe file
- an infection calling conhost.exe
- a result of the damage caused by an infection that's already been removed.

Regardless, as this is most likely a malware issue (and I'm not a malware expert), I'd strongly suggest that you post over in the Security Zone:

Good luck!

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