Arabic language with win 7: Problem

Hi all,

I was installd Windows 7 Ultimate from 1 month and i use the english is the first language and arabic is the second, and the most programs worked fine with arabic after i updated the arabic language pack. But there are some programs not worked with arabic such as this program


Please, i wait your reply to solve this problem.

Best regards
Abdullah S. Abdelhay


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You mean the program is in English, or it doesn't work right?
If it's because it's in English, that's due to the fact that the language packs only change the Windows language, it's up to the developers of other 3rd party applications to include support for other languages.

Control panel -> regional and language settings -> advanced tab -> change system locale -> set same as your mui language.

However, not all software will use system locale to determine the default language.

Hi all

Thank you, the problem solved successfully


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