ArchiCAD V12 vs Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro

Just raising this for other ArchiCAD users. Freezing Issue, but work around after

The stats first
ArchiCAD V12 (2675 AUS FULL)
Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional 8.1.6 (I know 9 avail, but waiting till next time I have excess money in pocket)
Windows 7 Eval Build 7100
Intel Q9400 2.66GHz Quad Core, 8MB DDR3, 1GB 512bit 648MHz Graphics Card (I think that what has been asked for)

I have ArchiCAD V12, and find 'occasionally' (4 times out of say 20+ prints so far) the program locks (not responding) when attempting to modify settings when printing via Acrobat 8 Pro. The program (ArchiCAD) locks, with full fuctionality of all other programs including Acrobat 8 Pro. Using same programs with XP Pro with no issues on lesser grunt PC.

I restart has fixed issue, after ending program via Task Manager. (going directly back into program and trying again has same issue.

I did find that when re-opening the ArchiCAD file, the system seems to identify it is opened by other user (not the case), so you may have to open as exclusive access, save and the open again, or same freeze issue occurs.

Maybe something I noticed as well, but when restarting, it is the first time I actually viewed the 'force closure' screen, which usually just flashes on before system shuts down. Possibly something left running in background causing issue, which I will investigate next time error occurs.

Just thought I'd start this threat in case other ArchCAD (nothing under search for ArchiCAD so far) users install Windows 7 (before release of ArchiCAD 13 next month - for us Aussies)


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