Arrange Library by Files? Possible?

Hi, before you blindly answer this question, be aware that I'm "not" referring to "Arrange by type". That is "NOT" relevant to this topic.

Sometimes I like to use my library to quickly open a file when I am using a program like adobe photoshop (example). By using Libraries, it makes it really easy to find files from my several harddrives because they're all combined together, however this is also an inconvenience.

If I know the exact name of the file, or file extension, I can quickly narrow the results by doing a search for ".txt" or whatever the name of the file might be.

I find that it would be MUCH easier if the library didn't show any folders what-so-ever, rather, it showed all files of all filetypes in a unified list. I can almost accomplish this by using the search, but even that is limited by what I search for.

Can this be done? If so, is there a way to make the Library "always" show only files of folders and subfolders?


Dang. I must be referring to the beta of Windows 7. I was able to search Libraries in the beta, but not now. Sucks.

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