Arranging Maps Problem


I have a little issue with arranging the maps in c drive.
In windows xp its easy, you just left click and hold the map to put it somewhere in another map(like right corner)
But in windows 7 it looks like i can't change the map position?!
The reason i want to do this, is thats its easier for me to find stuff in the maps!
Does anyone of you guys(girls) know how to disable automatic arrange?

I'm sorry if i'm not clear enough(im dutch)

Maybe if this is usefully?
View attachment 4560

Thnx in advance!


Nobody knows?

Can't anyone even tell me if its possible or not? a simple yes or no will do!


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hi I think this is a problem with language and translation , If i understand you correctly you mean folders=maps ?

If so the Auto Arrange and Align to Grid feature is not available in windows 7 explorer only on desktop.

you can however use a huge menu of choices which hopefully may work for you , if you right click in the open window of explorer you select "sort by" then "more" and you can tick which features you need, then click ok and go back to a single right click and select the method of sorting you need ?

hope that was what you where asking ?

Ahh ok thnx:), well im glad i don't have to search any further, its too bad that function went out, i guess it has its purpose.
Thanks again!

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