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Hi All,
I have W7 running "fairly well" on my HP Media Center. So far I like it. I must admit to everyone first, that I'm a Mac User and have just received a PC. So much differences. So complicated. I'm setting W7 up to run like my PowerMac. Desk drive to allow seeing disks on the desktop. Custom icons for everything, to let me visually recognize what is in the folders. The task bar at the bottom is acting like my Mac Dock but I'm missing the menyu bar at the top of the screen. I had a App that added a top menubar to W7 but after a BSOD and having to reinstall W7 it's gone and I cant remember what the App was called.
I miss color coding folders and files to let me see what is Hot and What is needed etc. Also miss not being able to add pix to the backgrounds of windows to let me know just where I am in the system.
I have been able to find most of the lost SW via Version Tracker but the top screen launch/menu bar is frustrating me. I cant remember what it was called. Does anyone here have a clue from my cryptic rambelings?
I also have a problem connecting my HP to my PowerMac. I just dont understand the cryptic and oft times hidden settings for file sharing on my LAN. The PowerMac (HAL) sees the HP (SAL) but not vice-versa. My LAN hosts 2 Macs and 2 PCs. The HP is the only one I'm having difficulties with. The eMachine (XP) is a willing member of my LAN, sharing files with everyone EXCEPT the HP (W7). Both my iMac and PowerMac see all the others on my "Wired" LAN it's just the W7 machine that I'm having probs with.
Lots of probs here, I understand but the biggest one at the momenrt is the top menu/launch bar. I'll figure out the network thing eventually. I've already had TOO MUCH HELP on the networking thing. None of it any good. SO help with setting up SAL and then I'll get to linking.

DUH...does this make any sense at all?????????????

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