NEWS Ashya King's family release video and are arrested as boy is found in Spain

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    Published on 31 Aug 2014 :peace:
    The international hunt for Ashya King, the missing five-year-old boy with a brain tumour, came to a dramatic end on Saturday night when his parents were arrested in Spain and their son was taken from them and sent to a local hospital for urgent medical treatment.

    Hampshire police said Brett and Naghemeh King, 45, were spotted in their Hyundai people carrier around 10pm by police in Velez Malaga, a town an hour to the east of Marbella. The couple were being held under an international arrest warrant on suspicion of neglect.

    His father Brett King defended his actions by removing his son from the UK in a video posted on YouTube, saying the family were seeking a treatment Ashya had not been offered.

    Mr King said he and his wife, Naghemeh, had been seeking proton beam radiotherapy for Ashya - a treatment that targets tumours directly - because they did not want him to be "pelted with radiation".

    Appeals for help in finding Ashya had been made in Italian, French and Spanish. Interpol sent out a missing persons alert to each of its 190 member countries.

    Legal experts said it was unlikely that the Kings had committed an offence by taking Ashya out of hospital. Professor Penney Lewis, of King's College London, said: "There has never been a case where parents have done something like this and they have been prosecuted

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