Windows 7 ASK Toolbar -- Opt-In Option with SUPERAntiSpyware (free)


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Users of the free version of SUPERAntiSpyware are now being offered the Ask Toolbar. The difference, however, is that, unlike other inclusions of the toolbar, it is an opt-in rather than a pre-checked (opt-out) option.

I don't believe it was widely advertised, but SAS was acquired by in June, Expands Software Offerings With Acquisition of SUPERAntiSpyware)

Screen copy and my recommendation in my brief blog post at SUPERAntiSpyware Adds Opt-in Toolbar.


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Welcome to the site, Corrine :)

Thanks for this post - It's a shame to see more and more security solutions opting in to advertising and promotion of these crapware toolbars, I personally wish there was no such thing as toolbars - so many times I've come across people's PCs who have their browser screen almost half concealed by Google, Ask, Conduit toolsbars just to name a few.


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Thank you for the welcome, Mitchell_A.

Unfortunately, vendors such as Ask, pay very well for each toolbar install -- more depending on the country, which is often why we have seen software vendors including a toolbar in the version for the U.S. but not other countries.

The pay-per-install is the reason for the pre-checked/opt-out scenario we usually see. Vendors are counting on consumers to blindly click next > next > next, without paying attention to what is on the installation window. That is why it is unusual for a vendor to include the toolbar as an opt-in.

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