Aspire One 532h. Upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate. Drivers?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by Soulja Pixii, Apr 7, 2010.

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    Alright, now i have gotten an Acer Aspire One 532h-2Bb for Easter(the 2Bb doesnt really matter theyre all pretty much the same). I havent used it yet because its still in QLD with my mum. Anyways, I'm 90% sure its got Windows 7 Starter, the other 10% would be that it has XP. Now i want windows 7 Ultimate/Home Premium on it. But i read that on one persons their Wi-Fi didnt work once they'd done the upgrade and someone elses microphone didnt work. So i wanted to see if any of you guys could find out what drivers ect. that i need to get it running with Ultimate.

    ps. I know its a netbook and it only has 1gb ram but I've got the Aspire 5720z as well and it has the same specs but its just a bigger screen (15.4"). It runs very smoothly, i can even have Photoshop CS4, Vegas Pro 9.0, and google chrome watching a HD vid at the same time.

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