Windows 7 Asus G1S Power4Gear Extreme doesn't work perfectly!


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May 21, 2009
Asus G1S Power4Gear Extreme doesn't work perfectly, in Windows 7

This is an utility for powerplans In Vista :D
I got Power4Gear working for me, here is what I did:

Download the newest version
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.-Support-

I found Version 1.0.19 (Power4Gear eXtreme) work flawlessly on Windows 7 Professional. Give it a go, now I just need the touchpad lights to work! Any more questions on ASUS software give me a shout!

When you were installing the Widnows 7 on your own Asus G1S what you did? Because i putted the Win 7 CD and install windows. After that i only install Nvidia(GeForce8600M GT) drivers. I want install Power4Gear from asus support. It installed but didnt work.

Help me please.
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