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I've been searching online for the past couple of days for a Soundmax driver that will work for my computer i've downloaded many but nothing has worked yet, i have an Asus K8V-X SE motherboard and the closest driver that worked was "Realtek AC'97 Audio for VIA (R) Audio Controller" well it doesn't work because no sound actually comes out of it but the speakers do make a noise when it shuts down. I could really use your help and thank you for taking the time to read this

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Hi. If I'm not too late... I know a K8V SE Deluxe. These are awesome machines, cutting edge when they arrived and like nice old caddies now. and a tight clean system can still bust azz. ;)

The RealTek AC97 can be a pain. I've had success with a few drivers and just reinstalled one I labeled "K8V beta".
"SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio", driver v., dated 2004-06-07.
I'm pretty sure I got it from ASUS (never anywhere unofficial). Of course in general I'd recommend finding the original, but I just uploaded it here as those sites can be notoriously annoying. (use 7-Zip or other archiver):
FlameUpload | Upload Everywhere! (md5 9a881d34592d773de9fdeff6b9f679d8)
(standard disclaimer: no rights or liability assumed, for informational helpful purposes only, nothing altered)

Another driver that mostly worked came with driverpacks, I think: News |
It seemed DirectX had a problem remembering the mic in one case, but otherwise both drivers worked well for me.

Good luck!

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ive tryed both methods and none of them work.
Am i missing something or are the fixed only for the 32 bits version?
My father's is running a x64 Win7 Ultimate version with the k8v-x se Mainboard and can't get the audio driver for the onboard to work.


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I thought SoundMax was still supported, but having checked on the Asus site I see it doesnt have a driver past XP, dated for 2005, but you could always pickup a pci sound card to bypass the issue for £10-15

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It seems, as best as I can determine, that that particular chip can be used by any number of vendors. RealTek, VIA, C-Media and as Highwayman has pointed out even possibly Intel. And depending on the vendor specific device and subsystem you may have an issue with drivers for that device. So if you would....
Open device manager
Find the problem device, select it then right click it and choose properties
Select the details tab from the resultant dialog box and
Use the drop down arrow to change "Device description" to "Hardware Ids"
Right click the Value box and choose select all then
Right click the selected item(s) and choose copy then
Paste the results into your next post and we'll see if we can find something that might work. But 64bit drivers for legacy devices can be difficult to come by.

Thanks alot for the quick replys.Here are the details i think u wanted
I know since the mainboard is really an old model it a mess, and x64 operating systems only make it moe dificult.
I apreciate your concern over this issue,
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Try this,
go here Realtek
agree and click next, download the top file in list
(Vista/Win7 (32/64 bits) Driver only (ZIP file)) The RealTek site is cripplingly slow so be patient
Good luck.

that was one of my fail atempts. Either way i uninstalled everything about the audio drivers, restarted, and then reinstalled that version. Still nothing.
Im just gonna go tomorrow to a shop and buy a cheap 8$ audio card for him and thats that.
Thanks for the support,
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Sorry that didn't work. Your idea of adding an inexpensive PCI audio card is probably a good one. Just make sure to check for Win7 64bit drivers in advance for your new selection. Thanks for the follow-up.

EDIT: Also when you install the new add-on card, be sure an enter the MoBo BIOS and disable the integrated card.

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