asus laptop cursor problem

my typing cursor moves around when i type. not always, but often enough for it to be annoying (it did it twice this message for example).

the typing bar moves back a seemingly random amount of places for no reason.
I have no problems with Vista.Just with windows 7. Had it with ver. 7000 and 7100. Anyone else having this problem? I use a mouse not touch pad.

funky cursor

Hi, Scubadog,
Have you received a reply? I am having the same problem except my cursor snaps across the active window like it was shot with a rubberband. Also, when I try to do something easy, like putting a check in a box, it takes maybe 30 to 45 seconds to do it because the cursor won't stay put!. I don't know if if it makes any difference, but I am using my touchpad. This is driving me nuts! I can't find anything anywhere that relates to this type of problem. I would be very interested if you have figured this out.


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cursor jumps all over the place

I am having the same problem. The frequency is high and FRUSTRATING! I am about ready to give up. Has anyone responded and identified a way to fix this? This problem exists when I am working on documents, email, etc. I am also having problems with my internet connection, specifically aol.

Google Touchfreeze it does a pretty good job of fixing that problem.

oh.. and give me some rep points... ... you are welcome.

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