Windows 7 At these prices for W7 I'm going back to XP.


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Jan 20, 2009
Ho guys
sorry if this is in German but you should be able to see some of the "Semi-Official" pricing for Windows 7.

These are for "New" editions (I Hope). If there's no cheaper Upgrade versions then much as I like Windows 7 count me out -- I'll just stick with XP and run a number of Virtual Machines or use a 64 Bit Linux machine (again with a number of Windows XP virtual machines for running Windows apps).

I really hope Microsoft have another think on these prices - especially in the present time where "Loadsamoney" is not a viable option anymore -- the economy won't improve that much in 6 months.
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At these prices for W7 I'm going back to XP.

If those really are the prices, I agree with you.
MS is soon going to be pricing itself right out of business.

I have to disagree with you on this... though the pricing seems a little steep.. it's business.. ;) They've got to make their money somehow..

Yes they need billions more. The billions they already have just isn't enough.


hahahaha.. Not what I was saying.. I mean it's simple business.. they make a product and then they sell it.. like I said I agree the pricing isn't exactly desirable but hey.. it's just business.. ;)

Can we get a confirmation on these prices from Microsoft ??


This a probably a plant...

[Ms Cleo moment]
You send out a bogus story with high tiered pricing, giving the people the illusion you're ready to gouge them. You collect feedback, mostly of which will be negative, and you come up with a median price from that study. Then since the actual price will be lower than the leaked story, you as a corp, look better to those that were barking (no offense) about the raised price structure. The prices will still be high, but these aren't that far off from the added percentage that they first wanted for Vista.
And MS will force everyone to switch off of XP once they have a semi stable OS.
[/Ms Cleo moment]

I believe XP will be supported until 2014, and Vista will only be supported until 2012.

Actually as I've posted on another thread the popularity of these small 8.9 inch etc netbooks with 1 or 2GB of RAM which has taken everybody by surprise will ensure XP will be around for a lot longer than even Microsoft envisaged. Most of these netbooks are supplied with XP HOME installed on them. A few have Linux -- but almost none AFAIK have VISTA on them (thank goodness -- with the spec of most of these VISTA would probably run about as fast as a One Legged dog on a perfectly smooth icepond.

Either MS will have to make a direct XP===>W7 upgrade available or it will have to support XP for a while longer.

People aren't going to re-install an OS on a brand new computer.

I've just got one of these Netbooks -- fantastic little machine -- its got 2GB RAM and is running XP SP3 very nicely. I've also tried W7 32 bit which also works fine but I'm waiting on the prices.

I'm sure the pricing will be a LOT cheaper by the time the final comes out -- often corporations announce pricing months in advance and by the time the product is actually released the Street Price is around 20% cheaper (which I probably would pay).

High prices just encourage Piracy.



They have become rather popular. But where I'm at, they're high priced. Between 350 to 400 dollars will get you the netbook, which is rediculas compared to a dual core Intel or AMD X2 with 2 or 3 gigs of ram laptop sitting right next to it for 450 dollars. I just Bought my wife the laptop (although she wanted a netbook). For the extra 50 or 100 dollars, there are many more options available in the future.


"People aren't going to re-install an OS on a brand new computer."

I'm sorry Jimbo45 but what does that even mean? Tons of people (myself included) have installed old OS's on brand new computers... The number of people who bought brand new computers (which came pre-loaded with Vista) and "downgraded" from Vista to XP when Vista was first released was staggering.. not to mention the number of people that are STILL doing that with pre-loaded vista machines... so I really don't know what you mean by that statement....

If you mean that someone who goes out and buys a brand new computer that was pre-loaded with Windows Vista, for example, isn't going to take it home and re-install Vista than I'm sorry but I don't agree with you at all on that.. Have you ever bought a brand new computer with an OS already loaded on it? There ALWAYS loaded with so much bloatware that the computer barely works like it was brand new.. it works more like it was already a year old in most cases.. I bought a laptop 4 months ago that already had Vista on it and the first thing I did with it was reinstall Vista so that I could actually have a NEW computer that wasn't so full of bloatware that it worked like complete garbage.... and so I could have everything setup the way I wanted it seeing as it's MY laptop I'd rather setup the OS to my liking right from the start... but I guess... maybe that's just me too... ;)


As for keeping Windows Xp around longer....

I for one don't care if XP is supported/still avaliable until 2014 or 2050 to be honest... it's already a decade old.. it's time to move on already.. I admit it may be a good choice for netbooks and people that aren't very technologically inclined.. but still, XP has had it's 10 years of fame, hahahaha.. let's put it to rest and just move on.. ;) I admit I will still use it after the final version of Win 7 is out but it definitely won't be my primary OS anymore.. In fact it hasn't been my primary OS since December 07.. I purchased a full retail version of Windows Vista in Dec 07 and have used that as my primary OS ever since.. And with the release of Windows 7 build 6801 I made the switch to that as my main OS... :) (Note that is not what I would suggest doing in any way.. that's just what I did. I am comfortable enough with computers in general and with Beta software to know the risks involved with doing something like that so no worries there..) and as I've stated in a couple other posts, since build 6801 MS has continued to impress me with Win 7 and hasn't given me any reason to want to go back to XP or Vista as my main OS... so unless they royally fu*k Windows 7 between now and the RTM I honestly don't think I'll EVER go back to XP or Vista as my main OS.. :) But hey, that's just me..

I'm not trying to get anyone all riled up here, just stating my opinion on the whole 'Keeping XP around for another 5 - 10 years' thing.. I just don't see any valid reason for doing so... and yes I've heard plenty of arguments as to why they SHOULD keep it around longer.. but I still don't agree.. I for one will pay whatever pricetag Microsoft slaps onto Windows 7.. I'm sure I'm not alone on that either..

I just went back to my XP hard drive and downloaded Internet Explorer 8 Beta for XP. I set it up just like it was in Windows 7, and it works better. The minor problems I was having before are fixed.


I just went back to my XP hard drive and downloaded Internet Explorer 8 Beta for XP. I set it up just like it was in Windows 7, and it works better. The minor problems I was having before are fixed.


Did you get IE 8 Beta 2 or IE 8 RC1? The RC works MUCH better than Beta 2 did... ;)


I'm building my test pc tonight after a few delays. The only question I have for myself is what to drink, and what to load (7000 64b or 7022 32b). I agree XP is getting up there in age, however, this is the OS that much of our government and private businesses rely on. Transition won't be easy, especially with the "technically challenged" we already have in these positions. As far as wiping out a new PCs OS, I've got no problem doing it,and in a recent case, I had to do it thanks to an MS update. A Vista preloaded laptop was receiving updates, one of which put the laptop into a perpetual loop of trying to shutdown after one update and install another. 1 month old and I had to wipe it!
People will migrate from XP, it'll just take a little time. Don't forget this "I want" mentallity thats thrown our economy down the tubes too. If this still prevails then people will migrate even quicker!

I dunno, with the economy the way it is, I'm a bit reluctant to shell out $259 for Windows 7 Home Premium. I think I'd rather put that $259 dollars towards my food storage and get out of debt plan. So I may be sticking with XP for awhile.

Here again, we don't know if these prices are for real, rumour, or may be just for Europe. So it's hard to plan anything, not knowing what the cost will be.

So I may have to just settle for getting IE 8 RC1, and be happy with that.


you're right...the economic uncertainty is a crippler. However, if your looking at 250 to 300 dollars for 7 alone, then maybe a preloaded laptop or desktop would be the way to go. I do think that MS will make it affordable. They won't have a choice if the economy is still in the tank!@

I already have a desktop computer and I don't like or want a laptop. So sticking with XP SP3, or migrating back to Vista SP1, may be in the cards for me.

At least now I know my programs and hardware will work with W7, 32 & 64 bit both, and that was the point of the Beta test for me. I have a good idea of what to expect.

I'm back on XP right now, and it's really not that bad. I like having IE 8 on XP, it's nice. Everything works the way it's supposed to.


... if any of you even put an iota of time in your minds into believing this bullsh!t, then I feel sorry for you. It's just another pos Russian nobody trying to get traffic to his site by stating he knows inside info. I suspect the pricing will be similarly tiered to Vista's price, yet slightly cheaper due to the economy and the 'sore' buyers of Vista.