Atheros ar5009 loses connection...

Hello !
I have been noticing I have a really bothersome problem that doesn't seem to be easy to understand why it should occurring.
The problem is, while my laptop is connected to the net, it sometimes just loses connection or something happens and every site I visit feels sluggish for around 1-3 seconds. Then it returns normally, I just wanted to see if its my router that is messing with me however it doesn't seem so. I tried with an older laptop and it seems it works perfectly and won't drop or so. So what I done was I were pinging with both laptops to google and checked if they Request time out and how big the time would be. When no problems I get around 30ms, however when it goes sluggish it hits 100~400ms. Then it requests timeout or just goes normally down to 30ms. Takes less than 2 to 4 hops.
I have been using my laptop for now 1 year and not done this until recently.
I noticed this by playing games at first then while surfing...or listening to radio...or viewing flash videos or whatever so. Just freaks out few secs then returns...

This is not fun and I don't know what to do. Can state that I am using Windows 7 64 Bit professional and my wlan card is a Atheros AR5009.

Hope anyone has come kind of knowledge what to do :(

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Re: Atheros r5009 loses connection...

Hi. Install this:

Atheros Communications

And if still needed, change the wireless channel that the router's radio is broadcasting on.

Re: Atheros r5009 loses connection...

Hi. Install this:

Atheros Communications

And if still needed, change the wireless channel that the router's radio is broadcasting on.
I can't install; that is LAN drivers not WLAN drivers :(

I tried this one now, seems it didn't help. Been lurking as been waiting for help here. I tried out one solution, I used the driver that came with first install of Windows 7 clean. Instead of the update that was presented from Windows 7. And now it seems some spikes are gone, at least when I play games. I am wondering these lag spikes are they a sign that my wifi card is dying or something else? Thanks for your time TorrentG !

**EDIT: The spikes are not sluggishness its rather timeouts that I can't count but noticing them happening !**

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Quick reply, I have been doing a 100 ping test and noticed this. I get around 10% package loss and around 35% huge delays(200ms+).
While with another laptop(that doesn't have same Wifi card), got 0 % package loss and 20% huge delays. I find this very odd !
Now to the funnier thing, with Ubuntu I didn't get any package loss.

Please tell me why did it get messed up, I checked my update history and I did not update any drivers from Microsoft or have I added any from Atheros or etc.

In the device manager, go into the adapter properties and set it to be short preamble.

If your router has a preamble setting, do the same there.

(It's called "packet" loss.)

Also lower the beacon interval in the router.

I have already done this. So I went to try at different locations, at my University, at a friends network. Same thing I get request timeouts at certain points and I notice it by the network freezes.

Uninstall any 3rd party firewalls or antivirus packages that have a firewall included.

Make sure when you're testing, the CPU is not being otherwise used much.

I have no 3rd party firewall only using the one pre-builtin and I tested this without doing anything special, just opened CMD when testing within Windows and Terminal when trying out in Ubuntu. But strange thing within ubuntu I get no packet loss. But in Windows 7 I get around 10%. I can also add it didn't happen until recently. I have not installed anything or uninstalled anything in particularity so. I have low doubts I could be infected with something(I have already virus scanned today and yesterday with nod32 and MSE and with AVG and lastly with Avast; they found nothing). Been sniffing my network traffic to, just in case I happen to be within a bot-net or so; no "suspicious" networking has been sniffed up so, I am still confused what might be wrong?

Uninstall NOD32, AVG and Avast!.

2 or more antivirus is not good and causes all sorts of issues. Here is your problem with this.

Leave MSE installed.

I didn't mean I keep them installed and running each of them at once, running them separately to test, certain algorithms will always differ of each product, better try with each one of the good ones. I have MSE as default so no worries on that part.

Cool, then use the uninstall tools in safe mode to totally remove all the leftover remnants that commonly cause issues, for each of the uninstalled 3:
Done that too, and cleaned the register, no worries about this part.

Type msinfo32 in the start menu then press enter. File | save on the screen that opens. Zip the saved file then attach to a post. I'll look at things for ya.

What are you interested in the summary or specific areas there?

The whole thing. If you want help, please follow.

Try again please, the file can not be extracted from the .zip. It's corrupted.

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