Atheros AR5B95 Wireless Network Adapter Extremely slow


I have been working on an Emachines E627 w/Win7 and have noticed my wireless speeds around around 10x slower than on dell laptop running XP. I have verified the slower speed using, also I have updated the driver for Atheros AR5B95 Wireless Network Adapter and the Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter (which i have no idea what this one does as i disabled it and nothing changed???) and the Atheros ethernet controller just for fun. I have also port forwarded the win7 and xp machine on my router but still receive slow speed on the win 7 machine. I am out of ideas and am beginning to think that maybe the Atheros wireless adapter sucks?....also another thing the adaptor connection speed states 150 mbps where im used to seeing the standard 54 mpbs. I am at a loss to what else I can change to speed the win 7 machine up to the speeds I get on my xp machine.....or does the atheros adapter just plain suck? Any suggestions or other tips you guys may have would be great and appreciated. Thank you.

p.s. I have turned off any power consumption savers for the adapter as well.


Atheros is the industry standard, with multiple corporations using their chipsets to support their products.

To name a few: Telesyn, Belkin, Cisco, D-Link, Gigabyte, HP, Linksys, Netgear, Proxim Orinoco, SMC

Install the latest driver from here:

ATHEROS Wireless drivers for Windows

And if still needed, lower the beacon interval and change the radio channel, in your router. Also set it to short preamble.

Thank you for the reply first off, I changed the beacon interval and radio channel thank you. My upload speeds were increased from this but my download speeds stayed very slow still. That site you sent me I do not really know what to do with the files I downloaded? There was no installer and i couldnt dump them into the system32/driverstore file where the other drivers are? I am a little lost on the driver...also it seems to be the most recent driver finder didnt get the same version number. I think i just need a little guidance with the driver install from that czech site and ill be set hopefully! Thank you again!

Extract the driver to a folder. Go to the device manager. Right click on the wireless adapter. Update driver software. Browse my computer. Let me pick. Have disk. Browse.

Now find and double click on the .inf file in the extracted folder. Hit ok then next and it will install.

You're welcome.

I have installed the updated drivers and i still received very low speeds. I do not know what else to do, there is a atheros pci e driver that is also updated. I do not know what else to do to help get the speeds of the other laptop. Any other suggestions? I am at a lost of what to do here. Thank you

Uninstall whichever 3rd party firewall or antivirus/firewall package you have, if any.

This is a very odd thing. The computer has had all 3rd party firewalls and scanners disabled but and the drivers up to date. I still am receiving very slow speeds compared to my other XP laptop. There are no devices between the laptop and router. Another oddity is I installed a wireless adapter on a desktop and receive slow speeds once again! I do not understand how one wireless device is around 10x faster than two other devices? I am still at a loss here. If anyone can help me that would be great! Thanks again.

Nobody said anything about disabling anything.

Anyhow, your router is probably not configured well if it is happening in more than one instance.

uninstall i meant my bad. Router is set to factory settings. its a linksys wrt150n.

Change the channel in the router to one far away from where it is now. Do it again if you've already done so before.

okay, all suggestions have been great but to no avail.......There are no firewalls or scanners on the machine, channels have been thoroughly picked over and still slow speeds on this machine. every driver is up to date, does anyone out there have a solution to this? anything would be great thanks guys

Anyone else have any ideas?


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Same issue. In my office connected by ethernet cable - all fine. Fire up with Wireless - takes forever, or fails. Help!


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Wish I could help, but my experience with Bluetooth on my system has not been very good. I am not using the Network adapter, but just trying to run a mouse or keyboard. It seems the Bluetooth will forget about a device if it is not used within a certain time period and after that, information transfer will be spotty.

Some folks say they use Bluetooth for audio and it works OK, but that is a streaming type of operation. Wi-Fi devices might have an effect on Bluetooth transmissions. The distance, of course, is much more critical than Wi-Fi.

All I can suggest is to have the latest drivers and look closely at your setup as to distances, and location of transmitters/receivers.

Thank You! so much dudley44, I have been struggling with my connection and this sorted it.. cheers!

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