Windows 7 Atheros Wireless Card Not Working


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I have seen this in a couple of forums, but could not find an adequate solution. I am having an issue connecting to wireless networks via the Atheros AR5007EG. I have tried going to among other sites looking for a working driver, but Windows 7 always says the driver is up to date. Strangely, I tooled around a few weeks ago and it was working, but it stopped. I went back and made sure I didn't install anything that day and nothing was installed.

Here is the system info:

Windows 7 Beta Build 7000 (x64)
I have the same problem I think, when I start my computer everything is working fine, but when I hibernate it several times it stops finding my wirelles network. Restart fixes thingя for me ;)
First of all, you should download the RC (7100) from here and see if this fixes it.
Secondly, I posted a driver for the Atheros cards in this thread here, you could try that.

Ive also put the card through a search of Microsoft Update Catalog. You need to open this page with IE or it will not work.
If all else fails, read this.
My Atheros Wireless Adapter would just stop working for no reason, even if I was using it. It would take a reboot to make it work again.

To stop it from doing this, Open the device manager. Open the wireless adapter properties. Go to the power management tab and uncheck the box where it states to "Allow the computer to turn this device off to save power". The click o.k. to close all the way out.

Maybe this will help you with your problem.