Athlon64 X2 Hyper-Threading in 7?

Hey guys!

I'm completely satisfied with 7, everything works OTB, yay! :D

But I have one question regarding Hyper threading on my Athlon64 x2 4200+. It's recognized correctly, both cores are working flawlessly, but when I look at my CPU via PC wizard, it states that my CPU supports Hyper threading but it's disabled :confused:
In device manager, both cores are displayed as separate processors (I assume that is correct). So, what about HT? I have read my CPU supports up to 2GHz HT, what does it even mean? And Why is it disabled in Windows 7? Can I enable it somehow? Will I gain something? Will this recognize my CPU as 4 logical CPUs?
I assumed HT is a hardware thing, and that it should work automatically. I don't see any BIOS options for enabling HT, maybe my mobo doesn't support HT?

Please shed some light on this issue...


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Hyperthreading is actually an Intel design although if you have a mulitcored chip then If you run some software coded to run mult-core then you should via Device manager see the two or 4 cores working..
This benchmark is pretty good for stuff like this...

CineBench 2003 download from

When you say your system supports up to 2GHz HT what that actually means is that it supports 2GHz 'Hyper Transport' which is something quite different and has more to do with the Front side Bus or what it's become and the above figure is it's top possible speed(in your system).

HyperTransport - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I hope that has answered your questions..:)

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Thanks for the reply, I did some reading myself, too. But I'm still puzzled, according to the info, HT has to work on multicore CPUs, but PC Wizard says it's disabled :confused:
I guess PC Wizard does not know what it is talking about :razz: ...or I can't understand this HT thing.
So, is it possible for HT to be disabled on my CPU? Or does it enable itself when multi core app is working?


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As I said above 'HyperThreading' is a Intel design which, if the software is coded for it, allows two threads per core.

Hyper-threading - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

With an AMD system 'HT' refers to the 'Hyper Transport' link which exists between each processor core and has also replaced the 'Front side bus'.
I guess PC wizard recognises that it's looking at a X86 architecture chip but on this one the HT is disabled (in this reference meaning Hyper threading)...
Your thinking 'Hyperthreading' means multi-core and as I've stated above, it does not... If you want to make sure all your cores are working ok, try the benchmark I included in the last post.

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I understand that part about HT and HT (threading/transport). Hyper transport has to be enabled on dualcore AMD CPU. So I guess that that theory of yours could be correct, PC Wizard is showing Hyper Threading status, not Hyper Transport - but still, why would AMD have Hyper Threading?..
I tried Cinebench on more CPs, with my AMD it works correctly, it does the render in two threads and in single core I guess it's good.

Talking about "late reply" LOL!


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Better late than never!

I think the reason pc wizard is showing the Hyper threading for AMD as disabled is that the app was written mainly for Intel systems. You do find this from time to time where apps seem to favour one particular set-up over another... It's only a hunch but I'm pretty sure thats what it'll be..

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