Ati/amd card running phyX? BSOD playing APB

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Ati/amd card running phyX?BSOD playing APB
[HR][/HR]I know this is a graphics card forum part.. but i've been experiecing Blue screens of death called dxgmms1.sys happens when i play APB-reloaded i know for a fact this is direct x issue.. i have a ati radeon hd 4550 and apb reloaded uses phyX engine which is by nvidia so i have phyX installed on my computer... which im pretty sure ati cards arent allowed to run but i like playing this game so is that the problem or is direct x interfering with stuff.. thanks awnser are appreciatied



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on the Physx bit, when Physx games require the feature with Ati GPU owners, it's pushed to CPU mode rather than GPU accelerated (which Nivida cards do), hence often physx games offer disable or lower quality options to compensate, in some cases it's hard to tell the difference as the physx itself may only be lightly used so no performance hits. I've got APB reloaded myself and currently ATI GPU owner... never seen performance hit with it on in that title.

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