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I have a laptop DELL with Radeon HD 4330, after downloading and installing ati catalyst manager at the very end of installation a pop up message "No AMD device driver installed" then going to the device manager radeon 4330 changes to radeon 4300. the screen resolution became 800x600 pixel instead of 1360 by 768 pixel. any help appreciated plz.


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hi nemea, from what i understood its the ati catalyst manager that your having problem with. use the AMD Catalyst™ Driver Hotfix Features, it shld fix the "No compatible hardware found" error message.
hope it helps and let us know if it works for you.:)

AMD Catalyst

thank you rbeldua, i will try it and post back the result.:sohappy:

ok the result, after I installed the hotfix the resolution shrink to 1024 x 768 and there is a message saying no amd device driver. is there anyway of removing the old drivers before installing the new one? or am I doing something wrong?


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You need to be using the mobile version of the catalysts. To uninstall them use programs and features>catalyst install manager. Also as a side note iirc the 10.9 catalyst are the last set to truly support the 4330.

try this tho.

Grab :

3. Use file 1 to install file 2

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thank you for the quick response nmsuk I will try to work around on this again.


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No Problem, I'm loitering in this thread and shall be here for awhile if you need any help.

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