ATI Drivers on older laptop not working

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    [Solved] ATI Drivers on older laptop not working


    I've been having this issue for about a week now, and have been searching nonstop for a solution, but theres nothing that works. Its a really annoying one, and i turn to you guys in hope for some answers..

    See, i have this laptop, an Acer TravelMate 3280, which i cant get any video drivers to work with. I know that it has an ATI video card, and its not exactly the newest, but there are "windows 7 drivers" for it, though which i cant get to work.

    Many had the problem about actually installing it, but that seems to work for me, allthough, after installing, its nowhere to be found on the computer, except for the installer files. I've also tried to manually "update" drivers via device manager, and manually selecting the ATI CCC installer files there, but then windows says that the default MS VGA driver is "the optimal" and already installed.

    Is it a way to fix this? I've seen someone talking about modding drivers and screwing around in the registry and stuff, but well.. There must be an easier way?

    My bad.. Found an ATI driver update from the windows updater that fixed it! It really was that easy..
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