ATI Drivers


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The standard Win 8 drivers that were installed during the Win 8 install work well for my on my laptop with an ATI card.
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I've put Win-8 on an old Compaq desktop that uses the SiS Graphics adapter on the mobo. I can't find any Win-7 drivers for it, that would also work for Win-8, but the generic drivers that came with Win-8 are working OK. I can only get up to 1024x768, but for most things that works.



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In my old (64Bit) stationary, I can get 1280 x 1024. That suits me as it is my normal default. But I have a graphics demanding game site which I keep on my favorites, specifically to try out the graphic capabilities. In the Developer, this worked fine with the built in drivers (a really OLD card - HD 3450) With the consumer, I had a broken picture, with black patches everywhere. I thought "Nothing ventured...." So in the device manager I chose "roll back" As it was a brand new installation, I could not really see to what it would roll back. But! It did and my graphics are now running perfectly.


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There are a set of 11.9 Beta Catalysts at that are working well on 8.

I am using the driver from his site that work well - the standard drivers wouldn't let me ajust my monitor scaling - these drivers do.




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These numbers seem a little strange, so if anyone has any observations, please advise. This is a new install (like last night) and the only software loaded is Office 2010.