ATI FirePro V4800 Driver problems

Hello. I am running W7 ultimate 64 and have replaced my Graphics card with the ATI FirePro V4800. (This is a Photoshop computer (CS5 64). I have a 24 Dell monitor currently. I plan to upgrade to a high end monitor and use DP-DP at some point once this is resolved. Connection currently is DVI-DVI .

The display drops to a blank screen unpredictably if I try to set the resolution correctly or close a browser window for example or close a menu or whatever.

I uninstalled the previous drivers for Nvidia GTX 260 and restarted. I installed the supplied ATI software from the CD (using the install guide as shown in the sticky here). I also repeated the process with identical results after downloading the most recent package from the official site. That version is firepro_8.723_win7x64_98793.
I am using the express ATI uninstall between attempts as well.
I tried both custom (all) install settings and express settings. The monitor is correctly recognised when the correct graphics card is detected.

I disabled anitvirus for the install, uninstalled my monitor calibration software (EyeOne).
Rebooting will load Windows again until the next problem.
Safe mode and rolling back the card driver (to standard VGA with generic PnP monitor) works and the system is stable at that configuration.

Any suggestions regarding what I am missing/what else I can try or experiences with a version of Catalyst that is working would be greatly appreciated

Hi. Install this driver here:


as you've said you did already...

and also make sure you have the latest monitor driver installed.

You could always try using Driver Sweeper from to make sure all previous and current ATI and NVIDIA drivers and settings are removed from the system. Then simply install the latest video driver shown above, again.

Good luck.

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Thank you for looking. I have done that with identical results. I am removing all ATI installed programs between attempts also.

Cool, but did you use Driver Sweeper? Many people have found success in these types of scenarios using that.
Normally, you could just install drivers for both ATI and NVIDIA directly over the previous version as I've been doing this without issue for years now.

Perhaps with the switch from NVIDIA to ATI on your system though, Driver Sweeper will prove beneficial.

Thank you for sticking with me on this.
I followed your advice, uninstalled all ATI once more, rebooted into safe mode and used that prog to clean all NVIDIA and ATI leftovers. And there were a lot. Reinstall the latest with same result.
I searched and found that Dell have not and won't provide any new driver beyond XP (and no 64 bit) for my monitor. It is five years old. Being a Dell, it's a consumer grade monitor, not high end but reasonably expensive at the time. I downloaded the original monitor driver again but Windows reports that the generic PnP driver is the best (which is what Dell has said was the case).
So it appears that I must replace my monitor sooner rather than later. I may have to sell my remaining kidney.
I shall report back in once I have that in place, since it may be useful to others encountering the same issue.

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