ATI HD 3200 & HD 4570 in laptop not working


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A friend of mine recently moved to Windows 7 pro 64 bit (rtm).
He's has it on an acer 7535g; AMD Turion Ultra 2.2Ghz, 4GB ddr2 800mhz and it has an Integrated HD3200 graphics chip and a discrete HD 4570 card.
The laptop is meant to be able to switch between the two gpu's. the hd3200 to save power and the HD4570 for gaming.

The problem is that the laptop will not switch to the HD 4570.

Have tried changing bios settings (there are none that can be changed:confused:) and have tried the original vista drivers that came on the machine as well as the latest drivers from ATI.
I have also tried disabling the HD3200 in device manager and have checked all the power settings.

I am aware that in some Asus Laptops will similar config need vista for this feature.
Any help is much appreciated. so thanks in advance


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The latest drivers for your machine are here:

I couldn't see any for the add in card you have.. Is this something you've added yourself?
Thanks, but i did not add the card, it is part of the model and i have tried those drivers.

Just bumping this topic cause i have exact the same problem (I bought the same notebook).

I tried the newest chipset drivers, and both available ati videodrivers: the 8.34.8 and 9.9 bèta drivers.. You had anymore luck recently dam89?


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Yeah, we managed to get the 4570 to work while the 3200 is disabled. Do as follows:

1. Download the hd Mobility Modder

2.install and run it - it will make a custom driver for your hardware. the device manager (open a run command and enter devmgmt.msc)

4.goto display adapters and find the HD 3200

5.right - click on it and hit disable, the hit yes.

6.Your screen should flash and hopefully go back to a good resolution ( if the hd 4570 is working )

Hope this helps, if the 4570 doesn't seen to be working re-enable the 3200 and install the official drivers.
There should be Official Drivers released that work soon, seeing as the launch of win7 is tommorrow.

Thanks for the explanation, card now works fine here... I hope Acer will release official drivers soon, since I don't like the heat the 4570 produces.. Anyway cheers m8, very much appreciated!

I have Vista still, not upgraded with the CD yet as I am having the same problems with graphics

My system only recognises HD 3200. Even in device manager, it only shows up the HD 3200 card and not the 4570.
I can only ever use the Power saving GPU even when plugged in.

The bigger problem is that is sounds and feels like the 4570 is running though as the fan is on constant and it is getting extremely warm

Any ideas?

I have upgraded to the latest 3200 drivers and latest catalyst control centre.
There is no driver for the 4570 GPU on the ATI webiste

Please help !!


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On the ATI website you must get the 4500 series drivers. I recomend using the Mobility Moder from my previous post. As for the fan always on an integrated gpu will generate as much heat as a discrete in some cases.

cheers for the reply

It now finds the 4570 graphics adapter but I cannot select it and the power saving GPU is always used.
When plugged in or on battery it is only the 3200 that is in used. EVen through the cat control centre or power express I cannot select to use the high performace hd 4570


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You need to disable the HD 3200 in device manager. This is the only way we have found to make it work.

Hi Dam89, (Off topic) I've screwed up the bios for my mobility hd 4570 without making a backup of the original, and was wondering if you could maybe obtain and send me a copy of your friends bios so that I can reflash mine. I have the exact same laptop as your friend, and am relying on somebody like youself to help me out.

Many thanks.


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You should be able to get a bios for the Acer 7535g HERE

I always tell people that messing with the Bios( as in flashing ) is like playing russian roulette :D

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Hi its not the laptop bios i need its the Mobility hd4570 (video card) bios i need. you cannot download that from anywhere. need to use a program like gpu-z it's simple to do.


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Sorry I misunderstood what you were asking. I'll post again when I get the Bios. (Probably tommorrow)

I am having exactly the same problem and its driving me mental dan can you explain exactly how to use your modder thing i have tried and failed


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To use the mobility modder:

1. Download the Ati Drivers for your device. ( You might need to extract them into a folder and cancel the setup)
2. Open mobility modder and click browse. Browse to the Driver's Directory.
3. Click Modify.
4. Install the Drivers.

Hope this helps.

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you it works :D made my day that has

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It has broken again however I am in touch with acer and a emailing them this webpage as they are refusing to believe that my standard acer as two graphics cards. Ill let you know when I have an official reply


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Yeah there is very little Driver support for this - you'd think with windows 7 being released they would have fixed this issue

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