Windows 7 ATI Mobility 9600 Drivers?


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May 9, 2009
So I got windows 7 working on my slighty upgraded compaq presario 2500 laptop, but it doesnt recognize my graphics card. It says standard vga adaptor, which is a problem because i cant run games that need directx 9 like i could before on xp, even if i hit xp sp3 compadability mode. Can anyone help me out with finding a driver that would work?? It's an ATI Radeon IGP 345M
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Probably the only thing you can try is to grab Vista drivers from ATI's website. Windows 7 is geared more towards the HD cards so support for older cards is virtually nonexistent.
I got the caytalist ATI drivers that are supposedly designed for Vista but even with those it doesn't seem to work or maybe they aren't installing correctly
ok i looked around and ouldn't find anything helpful. Could someone point me to a more direct link?
I had a quick look for you and I couldnt find and Vista drivers for your laptop. You said it was a 2500 and according to Link Removed - Invalid URL there are drivers for a V2500, Im not sure if they are the same laptop though. This is what come up for just 2500

Link Removed due to 404 Error

The only other thing I can suggest is make sure you have activated Windows and check Windows update for a driver. Maybe there will be support for it in a later build.

I should add that I went to the Ati driver site first looking for drivers and it gave me this

Currently AMD does not provide any driver support for Mobility Radeon™ products. All driver and technical support for Mobility Radeon™ products is provided by the original laptop or notebook manufacturer. The drivers that are available for download at are for desktop products only.
To download Windows Vista Mobility Radeon™ drivers or driver updates for your laptop or notebook product, please visit your laptop or notebook manufacturer's website.
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ok im really confused i cannot figure out which graphics cars this thing has. If someone can just tell me what it is i might be able to solve it. The post above is the correct product
Ok I did that test and I actually have an ATI Radeon IGP 345M. Can anyone find a windows 7 or vista driver to try for that?
I could not locate and driver named IGP 345M.

They do have 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 drivers for some cards.

I'd suggest you do a search here at the official web site:
AMD Support Search

I finally found a chipset update but Tu was for a 340M, not the 350M that you're looking for. and it was for Windows 2000

Could you supply more info on your motherboard.

You can copy and paste from the SIW program into Notepad and save that information, then select all and copy in your next post.
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