ATI Radeon 3670 drivers won't install

Hi everyone,

I did some light searching on the forums and didnt find anything. Ive spent two days researching on the internet in general. Im having some trouble with my Dell Studio XPS 1640. Its running Windows 7 Ultimate and Im trying to get my ATI Radeon 3670 working properly. This all started when I tried to get Catalyst Control Center working to get my HDMI to output full screen on my TV. I started digging and I couldnt find CCC anywhere on my laptop.

So I tried reinstalling the ATI drivers after uninstalling the Catalyst install manager and uninstalling the driver for the graphics card itself. I cleaned the registry. Did a reboot and attempted to reinstall the driver. (This is after stopping the automatic driver installation from gpedit.msc since 7 kept installing its own driver that didnt work.) The installer finished and I checked the log and only the HDMI audio driver and the Catalyst install manager are installed. Im still stuck at low onboard-video resolution and the device manager says the card is only recognized as a Generic VGA video controller.

I tried reinstalling all of the C++ Redistributable packs and .NET Frameworks. As well as editing the drivers with Mobility Modder.NET.

Im at the end of my rope. Any help is appreciated.


I got it figured out. I had to manually navigate to the CCC folder inside of the driver package. The path was C:/dell/drivers/R227577/Packages/Apps/CCC/setup.exe. The drive letter and directory after drivers can be different depending on which driver you got through Dell. I'd imagine this process would work for other laptops and desktops. Just follow the paths depending on your driver package setup.

I installed the display driver by pointing the Windows driver installer to the dell driver folder.

Good Job. Glad You Figured It Out...

And Welcome to The Forums,

Andrew B.

Thanks. Sometimes its the simplest fix that's the hardest to find.

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