Ati Radeon Hd 4550 Display Driver Stopped Working And Recovered

The Title Is Wrong The Graphics Card Is Actually A Ati Radeon Hd 4550... When Playing A Computer Game.. I Can Usually Get Ethier About 15 mints of gameplay... without this error , and then other times when playing games.. i cant even play it without it getting error.. i played it in window mode.. and what it does is freeze the game.. graphics driver recovers starts working again.. screen flickers black... works for next 10 secounds... move on the game freezes .. graphics driver repeats ... SO ANNOYING.. i've un-installed and re-installed latest drivers... EVERYTHING.. Help Guys Thanks

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Also Guys Tell Me If This May Be A Problem.. i only have 480 watt power supply i bought the cheapest one.. because i really didnt know a difference.. i have a case with A BIG FAN ON It and it has blue neon lights shooting out of it... and intel i7 @2.8 Ghz Brand New Rig.. Wondering If That Power Supply Isnt giving off enough power???


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480 watts is really light weight for most modern PC's. With the increased memory (Ram), bigger HD's, memory intensive Graphics cards, and all the other peripherals, you might be lugging down a voltage or 2. Get a bigger PS. 750 watts should be ideal. You don't want to fry other components with brown out conditions. just look what these do to refrigerators, etc.

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