Windows 7 ATI Radeon X1550 256MB PCI

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AMD or Pentium process or?

Did Windows Update give you the option of updating the driver after activation?

What problems are you experiencing with the drivers you know have.

You profile says you built you own video card, call me confused.:confused:
same issue, simliar card

I have the radeon x1300 pro which I believe has a very similar chipset.

I am running an AMD Athlon 64 3700+ (see my pc stats for the rest) and I am having graphical issues, in both games and in graphical processes. Windows update claims that the driver is up to date, but steam and my eye say otherwise. Oddly enough the card is deteced as being a Microsoft brand, presumably this is because they have the card's drivers in the legacy support section of ATI's own website. Translation: card is so old they dont' make any new drivers anymore, save for bug correction.

I have downloaded the legacy drivers for Vista 64 bit since that is what I am running on my system, but the install just fails on the driver section, and I doubt the CCC installs properly either, since i'm never able to pull up the GUI for the app when I select it.
Try the Vista package first, but if that doesnt work, I think there is a driver in Windows update. Make sure you activate Windows first. I dont think CCC works with Windows driver though.
my x1550 works fine under 7 just can't get ccc to work but did manage to get ati tool to work without problem just download the drivers from either ATI or like the post above windows update but if you need CCC don't do win update uninstall the drivers already installed and start fresh with the ATI drivers sorry for the late reply been a busy week
Im running build 7100 x64, Now when i look in my system is says "Radeon X1300/X1550 Series (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM" so yeah is the same chipset

When I try to install the vista x64 driver is not working as theres nothing in the start menu

I'm not sure if you have the catalyst, but here's another link

ATI Catalyst for Vista & Windows 7 9.5

tryed that and is doing exactly the same but im giving the ATi Catalyst 9.6 a try they do appear to be leaked official drivers (not beta).

Sorry for the late replay been busy with work.
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Same X1550 diferent problem

I have a ATI X1550 but i have a problem of a blue screen when I try to view in full screen a video for example of youtube, when I select the full screen the system got o blue screen and reboot. I have the same problen trying to install the driver, the driver manager says it have the current driver and I can change to the one I downloades in ATI who says is the driver por Windows 7

My computer specs:
SO Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
6.1.7100 compilación 7100
Proc. AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4000+, 2100 Mhz
BIOS Phoenix Technologies, LTD V1.7, 23/10/2007
(RAM) 2.00 GB
You can find the nfo file of my pc here

I change the card with a Nvidia GeForce 7200 GS graphics card, uninstalling first the ATI drivers, but windows can't start up!!!! :mad:, during start got a blue screen even in safe mode. So return to the ATI card but I have the problem of blue screen trying to view in full screen some videos.
I upgrade my PC from Windows Vista to Windows 7, do you think whit a clean installation of Windows 7 will work?

If any one can help me please.
I only see two choices.

Either do not switch to full screen and wait for the RTM where new drivers will most likely fix this problem.

A "clean" install is the only way to go and this may be the reason for the problem.
I only see two choices.

Either do not switch to full screen and wait for the RTM where new drivers will most likely fix this problem.

A "clean" install is the only way to go and this may be the reason for the problem.

Procede with the clean installation and has same problem. Can you explain me how to change the drive asigned for Windows 7 to the card with the one I downloaded from ATI site? The hardware manager say to me the driver is for the ATI X1550 but this one is from the list of the system, how can i change for the downloaded ATI driver?
Create a system restore point first.

There are 2 ways to disable digital driver signatyre enforcement; the 1st way is using command-line tool cmd.exe to execute this command-line bcdedit.exe /set nointegritychecks ON , the 2nd method which is recommended is to diable it through Group Policy Object (GPO),​

1. Start > Run > type GPEdit.msc​

2. Enable and Ignore Code signing for drivers policy under User Configuration >
Administrative Templates > System > Driver Installation > Code signing for drivers

You can also use this command line (which apparently works in Vista from whose forum I obatined the command line):​

bcdedit /set loadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS​
radeon x1300/x1550

Hi, I also got this graphic card, and got problems with game like Titan Quest (blue screen when the game starts)..

I looked for drivers myself and the guy who sold me the computer remembered me that the card I have was made by ASUS..! I don't know for you guys, but with the "microsoft" driver that get install by Win7, I can't have Catalyst to work... and there is no way to install the radeon driver either. With the Vista drivers from Asus, catalyst now works, and the driver installed perfectly. I'm now trying to find the good setting so my games can work properly with the catalyst (I was at least able to get the game to play the movies, which is more than before).. If you have any hints about what type of setting I could use, that would be great! (or if there is something to do with windows to make it work better with this driver..!)
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