ATI Vista drivers and 9600xt Video Crd

I did a Vista upgrade over the weekend and after getting through the installation of the new OS , im having a terrible time getting my 9600 xt card to work with the new Vista drivers from ATI. I had previously loaded onto Windows XP the latest drivers for my 9600 xt card and after I loaded Vista I removed them and then installed the latest Vista drivers onto my system....Now, even though my system seems to be running ok, when i checked deviice manager for my graphics adapter, it shows i have a problem with the drivers.

The latest vista drivers from ATI do support the 9600 series cards so I dont know why Vista wont recoginize my card or the drivers im trying to install. Any assistance would be greatley appreciated.

My setup:

Athlon 64 3200+
Chaintech mobo
1 GB ddr 3200 Ram
200 GB Western Digital HDD
Creative Audigy ZS Gamer Sound Card
NEC DVD drive
Sapphire 128mb 9600xt video card
Netgear Wg311 wireless adapter

Same problem

I am having the exact same problem but with a HIS Radeon 9800 Pro. I have tried numerous things such as disabling other hardware incase of conflicts but to no avail:confused: I have emailed Microsoft and ATI to see whether they can help, but up till now i havent found anyone else with the same syptoms. HELP!!!

I beleive the problem is with the ATI Beta 2 drivers, i think the build number is 5381 not the newest build for Vista, which i believe is 5384.......hopefully over the next week or two ATI can put out a newer beta 2 driver that works with this version of Vista.....

I wa tempted to buy a x800 gto card from newegg and put that on this machine but i would most likely have the same problem.........



Ummm..I need some vista video drivers, anyone know anywhere I can download them???



Ummm..I need some vista video drivers, anyone know anywhere I can download them???
what card?

Radeon X1600 Pro graphics Card Problems

When I first installed the Radeon X1600 Pro graphics Card, Vista booted and automatically installed drives. It required a restart. During restart, I experienced a blue screen, then restart again and came to rest at the safe mode startup screen.
I went into safe mode and deleted the drivers, then I install the drivers from the ATI website ([FONT='Helvetica','sans-serif']Catalyst Beta Driver for Windows Vista RC1) and during restart I get a blue screen, then stopped at the Startup in safe mode screen. They don’t appear to work either. Listed below is the information out of my System information. Anybody have a fix?[/font]
OS Name: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Ultimate
Version: 6.0.5384 Not Available Build 5384


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ATI AIW 9800se 128ram

my ati aiw installed ok but cant get the tv side to work cant find drivers vista see the card ok but not the tv side




Im having the exact same problem on my machine. Only diff is that mine is with a ATI mobility Radeon 9700. Under the Device Poperties menu, it says that my Display Adapter has been disabled because it is reporting problems. I have reinstalled the driver and even attempted to install the xp driver. So far I havent had any luck.


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my immediate instinct is that the ATI drivers haven't played nice with Windows for the past couple of years, so they haven't been working too hard on the beta drivers for Vista. has anyone tried to use the generic SVGA drivers and set their resolution and refresh to match their card/monitor. this might be a stop-gag until the ATI drivers go final. I don't know since i use primarily SiS and Intel for my graphics.
Keep sending in your issues to ATI and Micro$haft... that is the only way they'll fix the problem.
Happy Beta-ing!



This is just a sugestion try removing the catalyst control centre, this fixed my problems with a Radeon HD2400 pro.


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goblinob ATI drivers:
Drivers & Software

I have used a 9600 pro card since the innovation of the Vista Betas. I have had no problems with them. I must say that they seem to have become progressively faster over the past year. (Currently 8.9)
Most of the Catalyst functions are handled by the Vista software. I normally install it but disable it through MsConfig.

Fwiw: I think the reference in an earlier post to "Beta 2" and such is for the third party forceware drivers from Guru3d. I have never tried them as I have no need. They can probably be seen to work better for heavy game players

PS Later. Oh Crap. I've just noticed the date on the OP. Disregard all above

Just for the record. I have given up on Vista for now. The only viable version is Ultimate, and not too many people can afford that. I have switched to Ubuntu Linux and offer a conversion service to my clients, they only have to pay for it once, and that isn't for the OS.. just the service. I still have my Windows boxes, I just don't use the too much anymore.

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