ATI X1650 And Windows 7

Whats the deal with this? no support out for it yet or am i doing something wrong? Im not your average computer user but im never touched vista nor windows 7 til now. I've been on xp pro the whole time and had no problems.

For some reason i cant get it to get out of software mode no matter what i do? Wont let me play cs 1.6 either.

BTW im using 64bit.

Fixed the problem,went to device manager uninstalled my monitor driver,downlaoded the files from here

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ran Catalyst 8.12 for Win 7 64B/Setup.exe

in compatibility mode for windows vista..installed opengl and cs 1.6 works fine now.

anybody know how to get past the flickering and lag now?

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i have the same card had to go to catalyst 9.2 to get everything to work in win 7

did that fix the lag/flicker problem?


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i didnt have a lag flicker problem but it allowed me to use
the full cantalyst control center

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