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Radeon HD 5450 gave me trouble forever with drivers from both Dell and AMD.
Went through new motherboard, 3 new cards, and new memory.
I finally uninstalled, used driver sweeper and reinstalled the Suite from ATI and have been trouble free for weeks. The tech at ATI said the blinking screen and messages like ,"Display drivers have failed but are recovering," was widespread. I also had one bsod. but unticed the box so the screen did not disappear. Drivers!!
I am creating this first post in this new forum so others with the same issue will know there is hope for those 'gunky' drivers with the new suite.
Let us hope this stays resolved.


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It's also a common issue with Nvidia drivers lately too, having watched footage of the top of the line Nvidia 590 explode due to driver bugs


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You are my first respondent since joinng the frum, so thank you.
Yes, I spoke with engineers and they said changing the model of the card is futile because of the information you have shown.
The term "bug" is appropriate as M.S. AMD and others will have to find out what combination of factors is triggering these responses.
ATI said they cannot replicate the problem in the lab and encouraged me to replace hardware -I don't think so.
I am not a tech so I hope my first post was not too rudimentary.
Tahnk you
I am not used to the differences here and in other forum so I hope this is ok.
I ticed advaced to avoid quick reply.

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