ATI's radeon 9200 and windows Vista problem on compaq nx7000 and nx 7010

Windows Vista beta recognizes ati radeon9200 graphics card on my compaq nx 7000 notebook as a radeon 9000 graphic card!

To solve the problem I have manually installed the latest winXP driver for my radeon 9200 graphic card.

The driver works fine when I reeboot the computer, but if I close the lid and the computer goes to hibernite or sleep mode I will only get
"the black" screen when I open the lid again!:eek:

If somebody can help me to solve this problem - or even better if Microsoft or ATI will release a fully functional driver for this graphic card I would be very happy :)

I already know that this card not are able to support the aero graphics, but I will still be able to test all the other functions in Vista on my notebook, so I really hope for some solution to my problem.

PS: The LED that shows me if the volum control are muted or not seems to not be working anymore after the instalation of vista beta. ONE device in Device Manager is shown as "unknown device", maybe a driver to this device will solve the problem? I can not find out what kind of hardware that are missing a driver on my laptop :confused:

same here

same here on a hp zt3000 (ati 9200)
it seem no solution at time.
in my case the unknown devices were the wifi card (intel 2100) solved installed the brand new vista drivers, and the sd card reader (solved installing the xp drivers from HP).

but for the 9200 nothing..
each tiem go in sleep mode i have the black screen, and the boot here is really really slow... ur too?





Turn on remote desktop ( if needed in savemode)
Boot your notebook in a network.
Find out its IP adres
Remote desktop session from another pc to the notebook
login as administrator
goto devicemanagement
goto the ATI display adapter
change the driver by pointing to the latest driver for XP from the HP -NX7000 download site




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Are you looking for Catalyst drivers? ATI has new ones dated Dec 13th on their site for Vista.


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Vista And Compaq NX7010 Problems

I have 2 x Compaq nx 7010 that I loaded with Vista. In the beginning there was light but now I feel I am lost.

The Problems : Vista loaded the machine fine but with a generic display driver. So I went and got the XP drivers for Radeon Mobility 9200 and loaded it on the machine. It workes fine but now I can not hibernate the computer. When you select hibernate the screen turns black and the computer restarted. Nice Hey :)

Okay so I went and check the advice everybody give. IT DID NOT WORK!!!!:mad:

I logged in to the machine remotely and I installed the 7500 drivers and the 9000 drivers of Radeon and I got the Omega Drivers and I went to ATI site and got the newest drivers and the oldest drivers I can find on the web. I used Driverguide drivers and still the same problem.

So I went and disable the Intel 82855PM Processor to AGP Contoller -3341 and I saw it that you can not select hibernate or sleep anymore. And the screen jumps to a smaller resolution So you can not select 1680x1050. Well that Sucked...:(

Is the problem maybe not at the Intel 82855PM Processor to AGP Contoller -3341???

Please if you got any ideas I'm open to it...






I have the exact same experience as Jubas. It works fine with the latest drivers but sleep or hibernate results in a restart. When it finally boots, vista recognizes the bad shutdown, looks for solutions and suggests "download latest drivers from ATI or Windows update".
Any insight, help will be appreciated!

Try this:

1) Install Windows xp pro
2) Download and install nx7010 drivers from
3) Start windows xp pro with installed drivers
4) Run Vista setup and select "upgrade"

Set MOBILITY RADEON resolution to 1280x800​


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External screen....

Hi guys!!
I am new in here- also new with Vista on my nx7010.
Newest ATI drv/ catalyst works fine when installed. Computer reboots normally ( res not adjusted) and I am back- seemingly all well.

Problems occure when res is set to a higher number. Adjusted screen res to 1280x1024 and still all seemed well, no problems, however when reebooting my computer after office install i never got my screen back- all black :(.

Have just connected comp to an external screen and I am back in action. Will try finding a good solution for the problem other than the XP solution, and post here if I find one. Dont want to miss any resolution due to this. 1280x1024 is what i want ¨¨

Thanks for help so far, hope I can "repay" :)

Ole F.


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NX7010, mobility raedon 9200 -->my solution = external screen and crash!

Hello again!!
I finally found an approach to the driverproblem Vista and ati mob.radeon 9200 that works for ME on my hp/compaq nx7010...

1. Install a fresh copy of Vista
2. finish all installation and personal adjustments......
3. Copy or download from HP site the XP ATI driver install package to your computer = SP30204. Unpack it and it will be found in a "SWSetup" folder. Do not try to install yet
4. Set screen resolution to 1024x768 or higher - this will most likely give you a Black screen on next boot/startup.
5. Restart your computer - most likely screen is black - let computer finish loading, then crash it by terminating power.
6. Start computer again, and choose "safe mode" on startup
7. Uninnstall all/any graphic related drivers / uninstall the 9200
8. Shut down computer
9. Connect the external screen to the laptop - start up normally - funny isnt it- an external screen is OK, but the laptop one isnt.....
10. Vista will annoiunce "found new hardware" - let Vista install any driver it may have
11. Access the SWSetup/SP30204 folder - install the XP-driver . If installation program complains about no driver installed / VGA driver is required - reboot and let Vista have another try- uninstall any driver again if necessary
12. Restart and install driver from program above. All done and working well- restart.
13. on next startup Vista will still complain about your driver and/ or ATI software. Do not attempt reinstall as Vista proposes, decline and check the "dont tell me again" box. Also do this if any compatibillity msg for ATI software is given = Run progr and dont ask again.
14 IF this works for you as it did for me, you will now be running your nx7010 with the staggering old 1680x1050 resolution and no questions asked !!
15. if by any chance it doesnt work- try different similar approaches - no probs as long as you have the external screen at hand.


Ole Finn / Zane



thanks you very

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