Attached monitor: windows keep being moved there + other win7 problems


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I have a monitor and a TV. My Monitor is my main display while my TV is my "attached' display. Ive had Win7 for a few days and have a few issues:

Issue 1# Items are sometimes moved to my TV display. Other times ill open them up and they will start out in my TV display (and this is a big headache for programs like Password Agent). This means I either need to go thru the entire process of moving it (tnx for making that harder btw microsoft) or I need to open up my TV (or switch to the HDMI input if im watching tv). How do I fix this? It was a really rare problem on WinXP that mainly only happened when I switched resolutions (because of a game) but this is only day 3 of win7 and im ready to go on a shooting spree :p

Issue 2# In Windows XP I had a single folder shortcut on my attached TV. I only used that particular path for TV. So every time I clicked on it the folder would open on my TV. That way if I didnt have a folder open, I could easily open it up and navigate to where ever. Problem: Win7 decides to make the folder "location" global across all paths and HDDs. So if folder A is in my main monitor, I close it, and open folder B in my TV, it will go to the same location as folder A. Its like I need to re-enable the "remember location for individual folders".

Issue 3# Ive switched the toolbar back to Win7 style. Problem is, if I had a fodler open, firefox open then I open up another folder, its not item #3, it injects itself with the other folders. I like having the ability to move them, but I want them to stay in there open order unless I move them....

Issue 4# Is it possible to get rid of the side bar and get the favourite backs on the folders? I do like that it saves me 1 click, but it takes up extra space...


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Im also starting to lose my patience with the sidebar in folders, it does in fact NOT save me 1 click because it does not auto focus in opened folder (wow, ms, how did you mess that up?).... So, it turns out sidebar = same amount of clicks, just takes up space 100% of the time...

Or what about the bar at the top of the folders with options that im never going to use (burn, organize, get help, etc)

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