attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed 0x000000116 atikmpag.sys

Hello everyone!

System specs:
System: Dell Vostro 3550
CPU: Core i7 2.7GHz
OS: Win 7 Pro Sp1 64-Bit

System is brand new out of the box. My client asked me to help him setup the notebook and update Windows. After I did the updates and restarted the system, I received the BSOD and couldn't boot into Windows anymore. Got it booted into Safe-mode once, did a system restore which was successful, but still received the BSOD. After trying several solutions, which didn't work (mem-test, resocket RAM, HDD & battery), I gave up and restored the system to factory defaults (as it is luckily just out of the box), but still receiving the BSOD. The problem now is, I cant boot into safe mode anymore as the first time setup procedure needs to run in normal windows mode.
My 2 last resorts would be:
1. Reload the system with the system disks that are provided and not from the recovery partition, which might take some time.
2. Send the system back to the supplier, which I would like to prevent, as Murphy seems to be following the client around recently. ;)
Any other ideas that can be recommended?

Thanks! ^_^


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System is brand new out of the box.
Hello and welcome to the forum.
No other suggestions.... sounds to me like you are on the right track and if option #1 proves to produce the same issue (and I would definitely stress it with Prime95 to make sure), then option #2 is the way to go. I would probably go with Option#2 immediately, there is no reason to have to contend with these types of issues on a brand new system. Sounds to me like there is something physically wrong and it really could be anything. I would insist on a replacement.

Thank You for the reply and sorry I only got back now, been hectic.
I eventually went with option 2 and sent it back to the supplier, but what I did before it was to reload the system from the disks provided and same problem again, but found the cause of the problem this time. (and it was a little bit of stupidity on my side also :p )
As a lot of solutions explained that it might be the display, it was. The wrong display driver was installed. I didn't take note of it on the specs beforehand. I removed the display drivers and installed the correct ones and no more problems from there. Only strange part that I found was that the system had AMD display drivers pre-installed and on the disks, but I couldn't seem to locate the Intel display drivers on the disks, as the system had Intel graphics.

Thanks for the advice. ^_^


Noob Whisperer
Wow, I can see how that would be a bit confusing. It's certainly good to hear that you have manage to resolve the issue.
Thanks for posting back and updating your thread with that information as it may prove helpful to others.
Hope to continue to see you around the forum.

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