Audigy 2 - drivers installed but no sound

Hoping somoene can help me out here. My Audigy 2 in Windows 7 is giving me no sound at all. It's installed correctly, no issues or conflicts, but playing sound is a no go. I've made sure the speakers are set up as the default device rather than the spdif.

The volume meter doesn't show any activity when I play an MP3 in vlc. Playing an mp3 in Windows media player also gives no sound, with no volumem eter activity, but oddly the progress bar doesn't seem to progress through the song.

I've tried the drivers that come down through windows update, the ones from the creative website and danielk's but it's all the same.

Keep in mind this is the first time I'm using this card, so it could be faulty I suppose. I'd just like to hear some thoughts before I go and get something else instead.


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