Audio Driver Needed

i cant play mp3 file or any time of music file in windows 7 due to driver problem
my motherboard is ASUS k8vmx...

can someone pls give some link of audio driver for this motherboard....for windows 7 ....

thnx in advacne


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do a windows update..or let Windows search for it thru dev mgr.

done all this things......
nothing related with audio driver in windows update....
Asus k8vmx does not support windows 7 or Vista ....
so if possible can u provide some external link for audio driver ??

Do you hear system sounds? If not, you might have same issues I had in the beginning. Open sound configuration in control panel and see if you have two sources like I have. The first is "speakers" and second should be your "SoundMax Audio Driver". If not go HERE
and select the necessary options to download SoundMax Audio Driver V5.12.01.5150 for Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/2003. This is an old one but you should be able installing it in compatibility mode for XP. Let us know how it worked.


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I have a 754 pin Motherboard like yours. Microsoft Update gave me a driver for my sound and it works fine. I have Realtek AC97 sound. I'm not sure if I remember right but it seems like when I checked for it I had to check for optional updates. Did you check for optional updates or anything like that?

I looked on the ASUS and MSI sites for a driver for Vista and there was none. I'm confused as to why M$ would have a driver for W7 but there isn't one for Vista at MSI.

Maybe the one that "TechSupport" mentioned will work if you really can't get one at M$ Update..

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thns 4 the rply .....
but still same problem
i have done all of this steps
downloaded & installed the driver in comaptibility mode .....
everything is fine device showed in sytem tray ......
but i try to test the speaker using a wizard shows "failed to play test tone "

in case of windows updtae...i checked the optional mode ..but theres nothing in it like audio ....

i think i am lost .....

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