Audio Playback on multiple audio devices simultaneously

I want to be able to control what audio device any of my running programs use, but most applications dont have any option to change audio output device. Is there any way to control this in Windows 7, or with a 3. party program?

My practical problem:
I want to be able to play video+audio on my TV connected to my PC via HDMI, and at the same time play a game on my main PC monitor with audio in my headphones. But audio output is controlled only by the "Default playback device", and audio from both sources is only played back on what ever Default playback device I choose. If I change Default playback device while playing audio, all signals are switched to the new default playback device.

Any ideas or solutions are welcome.


I found another source where people are having similar problems. Maybe it can help to describe the problem and/or give ideas.
Output to more than one audio device simultaneously - Windows 7 Taskforce

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I see no way to designate which sounds go to which output device. There may be a way to separate digital or non-digital sound, but I don't know how.

Try this

If you can control the output device from within your game or videoplayer you might be able to get it to work.

For instance in Windows Media Player you can set the output device to use (Tools, Options, Devices, Speakers). WMP will then use these speakers, regardless of which speakers are set as default in Control Panel.

All other sounds will go through the speakers which are set as default in Control Panel instead.

I use the above scenario to play music from WMP on one set of speakers, and music from Spotify on antoher set of (bluetooth) speakers. It works fine (unfortunately though, it is not at all what I want. But I haven't managed to play the same music in all speakers simultaniously yet....:confused:)


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