Audio problems with AVI on Windows 7, 64

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    I'm having noises, cracking sound and can hear very faintly the actual sound track when playing and AVI file with MPEG-1 layer 3 audio (0x55), the video is fine.
    I have tested the codecs using Gspot, and even tried using VLC as a player but with no use.
    The setup is a new installed windows 7 64bit OS.
    Also the auto updater reports that it needs to update Dolby Digital live pack for sound blaster x-fi titanium series 3.00.00 – but when trying the update fails since the OS is not compatible.
    Everything else is up to date (SB & Win drivers etc…).
    Also the files play OK on my XP desktop.

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    Hello and welcome

    Could you please fill in your computer specs in the UserCP link at the top left hand side of the page.

    Then click Edit Your Details.

    This freeware program will give you all the information you will need:

    SIV (System Information Viewer) 4.03

    Does it play in Dolby Digital now without the update.

    You nay need to go directly to Nvidia;s site and get tyhe latest drivers also.

    You may bee to do directly to Nvidia's dite for the latest drivers.

    Was this an upgrade or a "clean" install?
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