Audio Question

Is there a way to set up win7 for music production?

using win7 64 bit pro, i7 2.66 processor, gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R mobo.

Im having a problem with my DAW(adobe audition 2), win7 or my pc. The problem is when I record something I am getting a constant noise. The noise is registering at about -45db and is kind of a fuzy noise or feedback noise. Now I have done some troubleshooting and have turned off the my preamps and interface so this leads me to believe it is a setting in Adobe Audition 2 or win7. I have muted all tracks except the armed track and hit record and still get the noise. I never had the problem when using my old pc that ran win xp.

Any help is appreciated.

Did you mute the microphone ?

haha, yeah Ive turned off the interface completely and muted everything in AA2. So im basically recording nothing, since the input is shut off. So the noise is coming from somehwere, but I have no clue where that somewhere is...

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