Auto Arrange fix/hack


For all of you Windows 7 users who have been annoyed (like myself) at the removal of "Auto Arrange", a fix/hack has been discovered.

It was discovered by Ramesh Srinivasan @ How to Disable Full Row Select in Explorer in Windows 7? - The Winhelponline Blog

(Taken from the site)
I’m writing this article specifically for Windows 7, because the FullRowSelect registry key that you used in Windows Vista, doesn’t work in Windows 7.....


Auto arrange menu option is back. Atlast, you can disable Auto arrange option when in "icons" view. This wasn’t possible in Windows 7 earlier.....

It involves editing the Registry so I don't reccomend it for everyone, however, I have had limited Registry Editing experience and I was able to follow the step by step instructions with complete success. I can confirm that the fix/hack does enable you to use "Auto Arrange" but I can not guarentee that your system will remain stable after the edit, as editing the Registry can cause problems if done incorrectly. If you edit the Registry you do so at your own risk.



Just use Windows Explorer replacement:
Explorer ++


Both free. I am sure some more available as well. This particular two is my favorites. I use them both (Explorer ++ is a standalone appl).
The mentioned registry tweak is too involved. Specifically to delete everything in Bags - takes too long to delete manual each key. Plus we do not know how this tweak will affect OS in General.

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Just a quick update...

I have been using the Auto Arrange Registry Edit for almost a full month now with no system issues at all.

In regards to the comment, "The mentioned registry tweak is too involved. Specifically to delete everything in Bags",

around a quarter of the way down the page there is a download link for the REG File for those who aren't confident in editing the Registry or don't have enough time to 'delete everything in Bags'.


The hack did not work completely for me. Specifically, I wanted to dis-able auto arrange in my Pictures folder so that I could manipulate pics like I used to be able to in XP. Once this hack was applied, I could move files or folders around that were under Computer, like on the C drive, or my USB key when in libraries view, but no where else under libraries, or when opened from the start button and specific folders from there. I did create the DWord values in the registry that the workaround suggests, but without results in any other folder than the ones mentioned here. I am still looking for the perfect workaround that will work with my version of Windows 7 (Premium 64-bit). Anyone else experience this same phenomena with their version?

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