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Windows 7 Auto corrected Shortcuts paths/Backward Compatibility with resource


New Member
Jan 29, 2013
Say i changed the location of a Folder, whose short cut was there on my desktop.Is there any way the shortcut is auto Updated?:devil_smile:
Yes..Window 7 Auto correct for Shortcut, it works for most, but for complex ones , specially in the case where my system was formatted (drive letters were changed), and when i copied back my old data from my external Hard drive, few times it failed.

So i was thinking is there any external tool or Cmd batch way to modify , trace such invalid shortcut and correct them.?:redface:
Well, I'm speaking from a programmer's point of view here...

There is probably some way to check the path that a shortcut points to, and then check if the destination file/folder exists, and then notify the user of such discrepancies. Since there is probably a way to check the path of a shortcut, there is probably a way to change the path of the shortcut too. However, there is no "global app" for this that I know of, and making one would probably be somewhat time consuming and possibly system intensive.