Auto hide dos not hide toolbar

And its driving me crazy! :confused:

So I have clicked (and un-clicked) "Auto hide" many times. "Apply settings" etc. etc. etc.

At first it duely goes down when I press "Apply" - but as soon as I go back to the desktop, the tool bar pops up and remains at the bottom (and "on top" of my programmes. :eek:

Any help would be great.


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This can be the phenomena if you have an open window,minimised to the taskbar. (On my computer, anyway) For example, if you minimise this page you are reading now, and then move the mouse down to "unhide" the bar, it will remain unhidden. Obviously a fault, in my opinion. Is this possibly what is happening with you? Do you have any permanently open windows?

Do you have any permanently open windows?
I do and I'll try to see if it helps closing them. If it does its surely a mistake... :rolleyes:

I have been able to recreate the problem. Yes... if you open up your minimized windows one by one you'll find that one of them is holding the task bar open.

Must be a bug because I can't think of any reason why anyone would want this behavior.

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